Chilli Bites

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Our Chilli Bites are hand sliced into thin, easily tearable sticks and cured using our carefully selected blend of spices, herbs and chilli. The convenience of Chilli Bites makes them the perfect choice for keeping your hands and teeth busy while the rugby or footy is on, and the added spice makes them ideal for any hardcore chilli lover. Or, if you prefer something with a bit less of a bite, why not try our delicious Stokkies! Made in exactly the same way as our Chilli Bites but without the heat!

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Chilli Bites

If you're looking for a delicious and unique beef product, look no further than Chilli Bites! This South African specialty is made from only the finest ingredients, and is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Chilli Bites are very similar to our traditional Stokkies. Chilli Bites thin strips of hand sliced beef, carefully cured using our delicious blend of Original Biltong spice and a big handful of Chilli.

The perfect blend of spices and herbs help to give Chilli Bites their tantalising flavour and spicy kick, while the mouth-watering beef ensures that each bite is juicy and succulent. We only use quality Silverside cuts from the finest UK and Irish beef.


What are Chilli Bites?

Chilli Bites are made in exactly the same way as our delicious traditional South African Stokkies (but with an extra helping of heat thrown in).

Chilli Bites are very similar to Biltong and both are made using the same meat and spice mix. One of the key differences is the way in which Chilli Bites are cut prior to the curing process.

Chilli Bites are cut into much thinner strips, only about an inch thick, and therefore are generally on the dryer side when compared with a more traditional cut of Biltong. Chilli Bites are also not cut after the drying process has completed, and are eaten as a whole stick rather than in small, sliced pieces like Biltong. Chilli Bites have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience—they can be eaten on-the-go without any preparation required!

Whether you're sitting watching Rugby at home or enjoying an evening of drinks and food with friends, Chilli Bites are sure to become a fast favorite.

So don't wait any longer, order your Chilli Bites today and experience the flavour of South Africa!

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