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So you want to know how to store your Biltong? Lucky you! You clearly have more self control than most. Biltong is known for lasting much longer than other uncured meats and perishable goods, however; it is still important to store Biltong properly to ensure that it remains just as tasty as when you first buy it. This guide will teach you the best ways to keep your Biltong fresh and ready to eat as soon as the next craving kicks in.

Can Biltong Go Off?

The short answer is yes, Biltong can go bad. However, Biltong was invented as a way to preserve meat for longer periods of time in the dry conditions of the Southern African bush. As such, Biltong already has a much longer shelf life than many other meat based products. The most common reason that Biltong goes off is when it is stored improperly. Improper storage conditions can cause moisture to build up on the surface of Biltong, which can provide suitable conditions for bacteria to grow. Keeping Biltong away from moisture and damp conditions is one of the most important things you can do to ensure it remains fresh.


How Long Does Biltong Last?

If kept in absolutely ideal conditions, Biltong can last (almost) indefinitley without going bad. Instead, the Biltong will continue to dry out until it becomes too tough to eat. However, getting these conditions right in the humid climate of the United Kingdom can be hard, and for that reason, we highly recommend that you eat your biltong within 3 days to avoid the risk of spoiling or it becoming too dry. If you want to make your Biltong last even longer, we have listed some steps below which can help to extend your Biltongs shelf life, whilst also ensuring it maintains it’s great taste.

Try it for yourself

There’s nothing worse that being short of Biltong. Now you know the proper methods for storing our delicious product, head over to our shop to get your pantry and kitchens stocked up with this delicious beef product.

7-Step Guide:

We have listed seven steps to help you extend the shelf life of your Biltong. Follow these steps to ensure that your Biltong is free from mould and also that is holds onto that delicious flavour.


1. Keep it dry

Keeping your Biltong dry is an essential part of mainting its freshness. Keeping the Biltong away from moisture prevents harmful bacteria from contaminating it. If you like your Biltong on the wetter side, don’t worry, it wont go off as long as it’s stored correctly. However, over time, it will slowly start to dry out. If you want to keep your Biltong moist, there are a couple of methods you can use to keep it nice and tender. Keep reading to find out how.


2. Keep it cool (but not in the fridge)

Biltong lasts longer when it is stored in cooler temperatures, as is the same with most meats. However, be careful not to keep your Biltong in the fridge. The moisture in the fridge can cause the fat to go funny and spoil the taste of your Biltong. While the Biltong is unlikely to go mouldy in the fridge, the taste can be compromised when stored in this way. Instead, keep the Biltong in a cool cupboard or pantry, away from direct sunlight.


3. Let it breathe

Sealing Biltong in plastic containers or bags can cause the Biltong to sweat, which again, is not ideal when trying to prevent moisture build up. Instead, letting it sit in a loose paper bag allows some light airflow to pass over the Biltong, which helps to reduce the likelihood of mould forming. We provide paper bags with all our online and in-store orders so that you can safely store your Biltong.


4. Freeze it

Freezing Biltong is a great method for keeping your Biltong fresh for extended periods without causing it to go too dry. If you enjoy your Biltong on the moister side, freezing it would be the perfect way to keep it at your preffered level of wetness. It is also useful to know that due to its relatively low mositure content, your Biltong should defrost quickly once removed from the freezer, which means you can satisfy those Biltong cravings even quicker.

5. Keep it moving

Occasionally shuffling and moving your Biltong around will help to prevent mould and moisture forming on it. Doing this once or twice a day should be enough to keep the airflow getting to the Biltong.


6. Keep whole sticks ventilated

If you prefer your Biltong unsliced, we recommend that you still keep your slabs well ventilated. Unsliced Biltong will generally last longer than sliced, however, there is still the chance of it going off when not stored correctly. If posssible, hang the Biltong to allow airflow to get to the meat.


7. Avoid plastic bags

We ship our Biltong in plastic bags for hygene and saftey purposes. While Biltong will be fine for a few days in these plastic bags, they are not the ideal storage container to keep Biltong in long term. We supply handy paper bags for you to transfer your Biltong into when you recieve it. These are perfect for storing your Biltong in a cupboard or pantry.


Try it for yourself

There’s nothing worse that being short of Biltong. Now you know the proper methods for storing our delicious product, head over to our shop to get your pantry and kitchens stocked up with this delicious beef product.