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Sparletta Pinenut

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Sparletta Pinenut – 2L soda


Sparletta Pinenut is a delicious, sweet, coconut and pineapple flavoured soft drink produced in South Africa. Our bottles of Sparletta Pinenut come in handy 2L bottles, perfect for parties, special occasions and everyday enjoyment. Why not enjoy the refreshing taste of Sparletta Pinenut with a bowl of Willards Chicken Flings or Simba Ghost Pops?

Sparletta is a soft drink company popular across South Africa and Zimbabwe. Sparletta brings a variety of unique flavours and refreshing taste to every occasion with its wide selection of products. Sparletta is guaranteed to provide enjoyment to all that that drink it.

We provide 4 unique and exciting Sparletta flavours on our website: Crème Soda, Sparberry, Pine Nut and Iron Brew.


Carbonated Water, Sugar, Flavourant, Citric Acid, Preservative Sodium Behzoate, Stabilisers and Colourants: Ponceals 4r, Tartrazine and Sunset Yellow.

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Weight 2081 g


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